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Feeling a little bit melancholy....

Hello friends. Me again. December! WHERE has the year gone? Am I crazy or were we just celebrating New Years '09 with air horns and firecrackers? Crazy times, crazy times.
Do you think you can deal with any more of my complaining? It's not REALLY complaining, just thoughts.
I feel dumb.
Refer to the above image.
Goooood question.
Maybe it's the way I answer questions.
Today, we were talking about talents in Young Women's. So we asked around what talents we all had, and just sort of lightly chatted. Well, I discovered that I wanted to say something, so I raised my hand. I waited for one of the girl's to go, and then one of the leaders. Then they went off in to sort of a tangent, and I realized my comment no longer fit the discussion. So I thought, quick, I can put my hand down and no one will notice. I really hate when this happens. Unfortunately for me, they noticed my hand too quick. So What could I do? Shake my head, smile and say "Oops, too late. Ya missed it", and then shrug my shoulders in silent defeat? No way. Way too lame. So I just swallowed my pride and said what I had initially planned to say in the first place. But one problem.
I sounded out of place.
I sounded like I hadn't been listening to previous comments, obviously then taking my cue and realizing that my comment was better off unsaid.
I sounded like all I cared about was what I wanted to say, which wasn't the case at all.
I sounded like a cotton-headed ninny-muggins!!! That's from Elf, if you didn't already know.
Pssst- this is the part where you say "oh no Haeley, you're not a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. you're just... special."
Alright, don't say that. That would only WORSEN the situation.
But still.

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