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Crappy wrapping: Christmas '09 edition, among other things...

They weren't naughty. I promise I love them. It's not that they deserve anything that bad, it's just, well... I'm a bad rapper. I mean, wrapper. I'm probably bad at THAT kind of rapping too, but that's beside the point. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you....

This was Savannah's present from Mom. Since it was in my room and we went shopping together, I figured I would do the wrapping for that one, saving Mom some time. Oops.

This beauty was Dad's gift, a soft, plush... SNUGGIE!!! :D Aren't I evil? He hates these things with a steaming passion, because, well, they're ridiculous! WHO in the WORLD would get a blanket, stick sleeves on it and call it a Snuggie? It's just embarrassing. But apparently, very popular because we combed through about five or more stores before I found one. But the question is... what is the use of this in Arizona?
This one was Thing 2's present. Socks. Dear readers, can you contain yourselves? I am really the worst wrapper ever. Please don't ask me to wrap for you. Ever.

And this was Thing 1's firefighter hat.
Ah, this. Pathetic, huh? I gave this masterpiece to my dear mother, it was an oil bottle. You know, like Rachel Ray...
That was a CD from the dollar store I gave to Lula. It was.... interesting to listen too. Definitely dollar store quality.

Yet another CD. This time to Savannah.

A CD case for Savannah and Lula.
Geneal's treat, a makeup bag.
And that's it!
Now, how was your Christmas? Mine was fabulous, thank you very much. I got everything I wanted, and the weird thing? I don't even know what I wanted, which makes it better, because after I recieved it, I realized i really had wanted it. And, no gift jealousy! I'm so grown up. :)
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

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