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The candy cane dilemma.


Merry Christmas break! I for one am glad to have time off, I was beginning to feel quite swamped. Bleh. I do NOT recommend that feeling. It feels like you're drowning in life, and there is no possible escape unless.... you find an island. Or just a week or two off school. So I have found my beautiful island, and I will be in peace.
So don't bug me.
One thing I am going to miss is the first semester. I just got so familiar with it, and I was just getting used to all the new locations in The New Building. And, -whoops!- Life decided to speed, speed, SPEED past me, leaving me in the dust to slowly realize that things had changed, leaving me to pick up the broken pieces of memories. Lo and behold, my schedule has changed and Life is speeding again. Ragh.
So, the last day was, of course, pretty much Christmas itself at school. You know the drill. I got gifts out the wazoo, and unfortunately, I had no gifts in return. It was like they were all silently punishing me, giving me a guilt trip if you will, because I had nothing to present. Kill me with kindness, literally. Anyway, we have candy cane grams, where you can send a candy cane to your friend in their last class. And I got one!!! (Thank you Jayme, I love you!) the Student Counsel people passed them out and one fell out of the basket, breaking the top. Then it got stepped on. Oh no, I thought that's mine. That's mine.
It was.
I really don't think I have EVER gotten a candy cane that was whole. And when I do, it breaks as soon as I get it. Do you think I'm cursed or something?
So in short, don't break your candy canes. And if you have a whole one, be grateful.
That is all.
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