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Becoming normal.


I remember when I was in elementary, I was
a bookworm. I loved to sit and
read and just relax all day. It was sort of a
form of healing, if you will. I'm not sure why I
needed to heal, maybe I just had an
abnormal mind, and reading was my escape. Perhaps you
remember me, stuck in the back of
the room, looking for something to
read. But now I find I'm no
longer considered a bookworm. I've slowly, without my
realizing it, become simply normal. Someone who
enjoys reading, but I am no longer considered the
bookworm of the family. And it makes me
sad to know that. I guess it was
junior high that did it. I just didn't have enough
time to read, and reading slowly worked itself out of
my system. I remember me getting in
trouble for too much reading, and now that's hardly
the case. I read textbooks and that's almost it. I can't recall the last
time I
sat down and just read without doing anything
else. My favorite books by far were the
Great Illustrated Classics. Those were
my favorites. Now that I look back, I can tell that
they were probably nothing
close to the real classics, but I read them and I know the
stories. So that much was
good for me. One
Christmas, my sister Vanilla got me a
whole BOX full of them. That was the
best present ever! I read them straight through.
I miss being a
bookworm. It's kind of
depressing me now. I think I'm going to go read a good book to
calm down my nerves.


(p.s., if you're wondering why I wrote so weird today, I'm experimenting with line lengths. It makes reading it a whole lot more interesting, huh?)
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