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The view from down here.


Okay. So I'm short. And we all know that, but today I thought I would just talk a little bit about life as a shortie. So you will get a bit of a look from the view down here.
Believe it or not, I like being short. As a matter of fact, I love being short! So when you meet me, don't say "Your short," and then apologize for saying so. I know I'm short. I don't care either. I'm perfectly content with my height. I mean, sure it's annoying sometimes when you use me as an armrest, and then you lean really heavily on my HEAD, but if you use me as an armrest and you use my shoulder... it's okay. Just so you know. Sometimes I like being an armrest. Also, if I'm carrying something that seems heavy, I can usually carry it. So don't think I'm weak, because I'm not. If your just a polite person, however, that's a different story. It's also fun having teachers tease you about your length. because they don't mean it in a mean way, and you can tell. I suppose it may be the same for taller people, but I'm not tall, so don't ask me about it.
Something else that can get annoying (I'm not saying it is), is when I'm standing still and you get down on your knees and say something along the lines of: "Man, this is what it's like to be this small." And I'm not even lying- some of my friends will get on their knees, and they will be as tall as me. Wow. :) But I'm thankful to be the measure I am, and it's (hopefully) not going to change.

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