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Talking to a wall.


Have you ever been in an active conversation and all of the sudden you realize, you're the only one IN this conversation? Or you start telling someone something, you look up and they're not even paying you any mind? Why does this always seem to happen to me??? I'll be talking to someone, they'll respond and I'll keep going, and then I realize they're no longer listening, nor do they care. It's like talking to a wall. Maybe I should just start talking to walls, I bet they'd be more responsive. But the worst part is when I realize that they're no longer listening, I keep GOING, like all of a sudden they're gonna turn around and say.
"WOW!!! That was an amazing story, please tell me more!" By then I would have a rapt audience, captured by the very sound of my melodious voice. Alas, I have no such luck- ever. I think it's kinda sad. Also, sometimes I'll be talking about something, and the person I'm talking to will decide that I'm saying something that's not nearly as important as what they want to say, so they'll go ahead and talk about it, ignoring my fallen expression. Granted, sometimes I suppose I do that, but why return the favor? Seriously? Then again, it's possible that maybe I deserve to get ignored. Ha ha ha ha... NO!

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