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For the record, the above title has nothing to do with this post. I just felt obligated to write a title, giving this post a little bit of uniformity. I really don't know why I'm even writing, I have no clear purpose, but I felt like I had to post today, albeit the fact that, again, I have no purpose, nor do I have any idea how to go on from here, so I'll just jot down thoughts that come to mind.
I'm getting an iPod nano!!! After a few months of saving up my babysitting money, technically I have more than enough moolah to get one! I say technically, because my parents borrowed some money and haven't paid me back yet. So I really do have more than enough TECHNICALLY, I just don't have enough PHYSICALLY. It's there, but not there. I think you get it. The only hitch in the plan... well, the most important part: which color should I get? Well, let's look at our options shall we? There's:
You get the hint- there's a lot [well, maybe not a lot] of choices, and I am kinda stuck. I'm thinking black. What do you think? I know! You should comment, and give me an opinion!!! A comment would be nice. Yes...
Oh! Guess what? On the program in church one time during Christmas (this year?), the lady who writes our programs goofed on one of the announcements for the Christmas party- she wrote "Don't forget to bring your camera, we're getting a visit from Satan!" Haha! I hope not. Have I mentioned how much I detest the idea of switching rooms? Because this depressing thought vexes me greatly. Rawr!
I just thought of licking some super glue. I don't think I should try it.
I SAW NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! It was an awesome movie- except for the ending. I'm sure you've heard that already though. I quite enjoyed watching Jacob, that was a nice part. ('nice' doesn't even BEGIN to cover his, er, yumminess. Haha!) I'm so excited for Eclipse!
We went to the Mesa Arts Center Saturday, and I saw the COOLEST. CEILING. FAN. EVER. BAR. NONE. It was soooooo cool! And then me and my younger sisters got yelled at. And I would prefer not to tell that story... We also went to Milano's. I was just getting into the sheet music section when we had to leave, so that stinks. A lot. Did you know that there is sheet music for Halo II? Yes, there is. Have I bored you enough yet? I think so.

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