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Sometimes I think I think too much. And sometimes, that's not a bad thing. Other times... well, it just frustrates me. Like just now. I had an amazing experience a little bit ago, and I was going to post all about it, and I almost just thought myself out of it. So without further ado, I will now talk about....
meeting NieNie!!!
It's true! Wow, what an amazing person. If by chance, you do not know who she is, I suggest you visit her blog here.
Anyway, my mom heard that tonight there was a Bliss-Fest, an event that happens annually for a boutique called Domestic Bliss, and this year's theme was Western. If you came dressed up, you could get in free to the event. So we dressed up, and went in to watch the fashion show there. And then we saw... NieNie standing right there, with her husband. I thought to myself, I'm so lucky I brought my camera, this is so neat! My mom stood near them, behind the little water fountain. She was dying to meet them, but had NO idea what to say. And really, is it that big of a surprise? What would YOU say? So finally we went up and got in line. It was like waiting to meet a big-time celebrity for all the butterflies I got! Oh, gosh! We got there and put hand sanitizer on, and then we walked right up! EEEEEE! I tried not to act like a crazed fan, falling to her feet and crying like there was no tommorrow, so I just did it in my head. She gave Mom a hug and then gave me one. I'm a klutz, you all know, and as I gave her a hug, I stepped on her boot-toe! I felt so bad about it. I just hope she didn't notice. :( But she was so sweet. And she really is a beautiful person. Not in my mind, or just in the past. She is a beautiful person, really. I know. I met her. So we had a nice, one-minute chat, and went our merry way. We parked far away, so it was a walk to get back. Halfway there, we realized, oh yeah! Guess who brought a camera? WE DID! Guess who didn't get a picture? US!! So while we were greatly dissapointed at this turn of events, hey, we still got to meet her! I'm trying to learn to take life as it comes, so I'll just be satisfied with what I have. Oh well. Okay, I've been holding it in, so excuse me while I act shallow. Her and her husbands outfit were so NICE! She had on a black, capsleeved shirt that was about to her knees, so really a minidress, and VERY cute jeans. She looked very pulled together. Ah, so nice! Her husband had a black long-sleeved button down shirt, untucked, with jeans. Again, pulled together and very nice.
That was the Bliss report for tonight folks! Thanks for tuning in!

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