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The poisoned apple. Ooh, scary...


We've all seen fairytale movies at some point, right?
And chances are, we've seen Enchanted or at least Snow White. If you've seen those, you've most likely seen the poisoned apple in the movie. All shiny, perfectly red and round. I have always wanted to see a real apple like that. Is that weird? Of course it is!
So my mom buys fruit, like any normal person. One day, I pass the fruit bowl, and I feast my eyes upon this beauty:

Oh... my... GOSH!!! It was THE POISONED APPLE! This it was lovingly called for a few days until Lula picked this one out. She was about to dig in, but I went hysterical and told her to stop- I had to take a picture. So I did! Here they are.

Don't worry, it wasn't really poison...

Doesn't that look COOL?!

Which book does that remind you of? I know, I'm a bit of a fangirl, I apologize.

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