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One, two, three.

Here I am, typing at the keyboard with an unclear idea of what to say. Oh well, it should come to me later on. So in the meantime, lets talk about goals. Everyone makes goals some way or another in my opinion. Goals can be good or bad. For example, trying to see how many cookies you can eat in a minute is probably a bad goal. Same goes with eating cake in a small amount of time. It has a lasting effect, but one you probably don't really want. And lets face it, where is the satisfaction in this? 25 years from now, are you going to look back with pride, turn to your children (or grandchildren, it depends) and say: "And that was the day that I ate 500 cookies in two minutes. I gained 15 pounds that day, and I barfed like no tomorrow!"? No, not really satisfying. But a GOOD goal is, for example, running many races for charity, and making it a goal to win at least one each year. Now THAT'S something you can look back with pride on. So, I will try, at least, to put a stop to my rambling and discuss a goal of mine. I would like to reach 100 posts on this thing by the end of the year. I think I could do it, if I really wanted to. And it's not necessarily the best goal I can have, but it's fun. I guess you can interpret it as a bad goal, though. I'm not going to look back with pride, puff out my chest and say: "I did it! 25 years ago today, I reached 100 on my old blog! Now what was the address for that again?" I'm pretty sure I won't do that. 25 years from now, will I even still use this blog? Or will I have another one? Only time will tell. So ask me in 25 years about this blog, and I will see if I can remember.

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