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Hmm, what should this post's title be?

I'm doing pretty well at the whole 'more posts' thing!! Forgive me for being proud of myself and wanting to yell to the world, "I CAN BLOG! OFTEN!" But this is not the reason for my posting. How dull would it be if I just constantly talked about my blog instead of just writing? Very dull. (oops, just realized, that's pretty much all I DO talk about. Sorry!) Anyway, I must go on with my story for fear of losing you interest.
I was just in a show! Show choir, that is. A lady in our stake, Mindy Noble puts on these little shows, and I love it! This is my third time performing with her group, and I will stay with it as long as possible. This year's theme was Autumn Follies. It was so much stinking fun! I sang "Boogie woogie bugle boy" (of company B), "Jelly bean blues", "Share your goodwill", and "This show is over". Oh my goodness, the little tiny kids were CUTE!!!!!! I wanted to give them squeezes the whole time! I love how they can never pronounce their words correctly, and how they are almost always off-key. I love when they wave at their mommies and daddies during the performance too. When I'm on stage and I see my parents, it just makes me so happy.
They came to see me onstage, they came to see what I could do to make their evening special.
They were proud of me.
When I hear my voice on the microphone echoing through the room, people listening to what I have to say, it makes me excited. Like I'm on a cloud and no one can bring me down if they tried.
This is the stage.
The excitement and worry backstage is stressing, but so worthwhile. Lining up for the next number, running the notes through your head for the last time before the audience can hear you is dizzying. Marching out and then back in knowing you did it, and very, very well is thrilling.
This is the stage.
Hearing the final round of applause and feeling that this performance was too short (for the performer, anyway).
It was fun, and I'm excited to do it again.

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