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Aw, shucks.

Hello, my dears! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you travel? Where'd you go? Fantastic! I went to Snowflake, AZ and had fun! We went up to Snowflake on Thanksgiving and it was cold!!! My uncle's pond was frozen over. We waited, and waited, and waited just to have all of the food ready. Then we waited some more to get the majority of the people in the house so we could get everything started. Then we got in line, yadda yadda yadda. It was nice, and it was the first Thanksgiving I have had in which I did not get seconds! YAY! Regretably, no greenbean casserole. Oh well. I started out in a table, all alone. then my sister came, then my cousin and step-cousin. It was okay, I mean the consversation wasn't stimulating in the least, but it was okay I guess. It wasn't much fun because I'm thirteen, and so in a way, I'm too old for the younger cousins, and too young for the older cousins. It's a sucky middle position, and I loathe it. Also, the little kids are all three, the oldest younger ones are eleven, and none of them really know me, so I'm left all alone. Every. Single. Time. Sure, the older cousins are cool, and fun to talk to, but I never really had a place in their cozy little nook of familiarity. And it's not like they notice or care. They probably think I LIKE to be stuck with the screaming ones. At best, they don't even aknowledge me. Or they notice me, but think I'm too stupid to be bothered with. Not to toot my own horn, but I'd like to think that I AM smart enough and funny enough to BE in their cozy nook. I'm tired of staying with the small ones while the older ones have their fun. It's always so boring to be stuck on the sidelines. I feel like the little mermaid, wanting to be part of something different, part of a whole. Sometimes I feel that they are looking at me, trying to figure out if I'm bright enough to approach and make intelligent conversation with. I am. Try me! I can be entertaining too!
Moving on.
Instead of staying with everyone, we went to a hotel. Which is nice, because I don't feel like... well, see above. So we got our own room sharing with Aunt Mandy, and we watched Mythbusters until bed. I had to share with Vanilla, and I ended up sleeping on the very edge of the freaking bed. As usual. GRRRR. We woke up and started the routine showers. Ugh, I forgot how thoroughly CRAPPY hotel toiletries are. EW EW EW EW EW!!!!!!!!! I got out, and the rest of my sisters and Mandy were already down for breakfast. I dressed, and headed down to join them. But one problem- where IS the breakfast place?! It's super cold, and I can see my breath. I walk this way, nope. I start the other way. Nope. Oh, duh! it's THAT way! I walk slowly to the area, and the thought runs through my head: ha ha, wouldn't it be funny if my hair froze, cuz it's wet? I pause. Oh my gosh! It IS frozen! This is so weird. No, wait, it's AWESOMENESS!!! So I darted inside to show off my frozen locks. Oops, not that frozen. It thawed. Dang.
Back at the hotel room, I realize my skin looks horrid. Horrid, I tell you! This is the most chapped and cracked it's ever been. Oh well, I rub some lotion on it, and it's all better, thank goodness! The ride home was *fortunately* uneventful. I counted the highway dedication thingy's and got to 75! Huzzah! Well, that's all I have to say, hope you were insoired!
p.s, isn't that picture COOL?



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