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Adventures in Babysitting #1.

I have now decided to record my babysitting experiences on this blog. This isn't the first job I've gotten, by far though, so don't worry that I've started babysitting at an oldish age. I started about eleven and a half, so I'm experienced enough. And, if you happen to be a lucky reader of this blog, and I babysit for you, you're in luck! You will get to read what happens while you are away. This can be a good and educational experience for you as it will teach you what the basic reactions your child has to being babysat by none other than me! Great, I sound like a book. Tell me, in appearance am I showing any signs of bookish attributes? No? Good. Anyway...
I get picked up at 6:30 sharp, and we drive off. She tells me that the baby is asleep and probably no trouble from her all night. Nice. As she is unlocking the door, I hear the little girl, M, shrieking "Eee-ee! EE-ee!" That's my name, and I love hearing her say it, because once upon a time, she hated me. When she heard her mother unlock the door, she would start BAWLING. Bawling I tell you! And she would always scream and scream until sometimes she barfed, and as you know, I am simply not good around that. But we're on good terms now, even buddies. Back to the story.
She runs up and hugs me briefly, then runs back around the couch and dances by their new Christmas tree. Their oldest child, W, looks up at me then hides himself, shy. He usually isn't, but lately he is getting really shy. Huh... The mom tells me what the agenda is, then they leave. W then asks the usual questions:
"What's in the bag?" He asks this because usually because I bring a bag with me. If no bag, he'll just ask what I've brought. This time I've brought homework and a camera. Rule #1 of babysitting; always bring a camera. So we play with the camera, and I end up taking an awesome blurry picture of the tree. Then it's time to rest the camera, and we break out the books. We read and read and read, until it's time for bed for M. So I tell her it's time, and she cries. And cries. And cries. And screams, until I cannot bear it anymore. W gets ready, and I get M and tell her to lie down on the couch while W goes to bed. Thank goodness HE doesn't give me grief! M lays down, and I begin homework. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Ugh. Dumb, monotonous work. It's nine '0' clock now, time to try again to put her to bed. I get halfway down the hall, she is weakly protesting even though she isn't fully awake, when I trip on a toy car in the TILE hallway. I flinch at the loud noise. Classic me. Uh oh, now she is awake. The screaming begins!!! I take her back to the couch, where she promptly starts snoring silently. At 9:43, they come back and I go home.
Well, that was my first recorded babysitting job! More to come! Until next time,

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