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Just... thoughts.

I don't know why, but I feel calm, peacefull, serene. Why? Am I simply...
In need of medical attention?
If you thought any of those was the answer, dear readers, you would be wrong. I suppose it may just be the idea of October break, which I'll take gratefully. But I guess it's also the fact that I have the house to myself. Most of it, anyway. The little ones are in bed. I've also been listening to slow, quiet music. Which is weird for me, because I like fast music. Anyway.
I feel graceful.
Yes, I said it. Graceful. Like a dancer. Stupid, I know. I'm not even an ameteur dancer I suck so much, but still. It's nice to feel like I have a graceful body that's not all short and squished up. Or should I say down? Maybe I am tired....
Thanks for listening to me.

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