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The Sleeping Phantom strikes!

11:45 p.m.
Lol!!! Geneal wakes up a little bit and stands by her dresser for a minute, stroking it absently. I ask her what she is doing, and she says she is trying to get out. I open the door for her, because it is hard to see. She walks over to my bed, giggling when she trips on a stray object. I try to turn her around so she can see the the open door, and she swats me away, now angry. I ask her why she is over HERE, and she scoffs and says hotly,
"Don't you know ANYTHING?!" I start to crack up. From what I can see, she is glaring at me. "I really don't see how this is funny."
"Well, what are you doing over here by my bed?" I ask, trying not to guffaw in her face.
"HelLO?! I have to do my project. Now. You know, I have to do it."
More snickers from me.
Geneal stomps off to bed, still muttering under her breath how this is not at all funny, and is, in fact, very serious, and just doesn't get it.
"You will think it's funny in the morning, dear sister," I reply.
*sigh* she always sleep-talks, but sleep walking is rare- and HILARIOUS!!!
But I guess you had to be there, huh?



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