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Dumb things that really bug me.


You know how some people say words weird? like wash, for example. I heard it today, and it was pronounced "warsh."
And I don't know why, but it really bugged me.
And then my imagination ran away, with me in his clutches.
Why do I refer to my imagination as a 'he' anyways? Don't you think that's weird? Well, at least whenever I slip up on something, I can just blame that guy up in my cerebellum. Sorry, off subject rambling.
Any who, I got to thinking, "why do people say 'warsh,' anyway? I mean, duh, it's spelled W.A.S.H., not W.A.R.S.H. So why do they say it? It sounds strange, and it is not in the dictionary/encyclopedia/thesaurus/whatever. Granted, a lot of things that we say tin the English language today aren't in the dictionary/encyclopedia/thesaurus/whatever, but still! Have we learned nothing from our dear old teachers, constantly pounding information into our heads? Seriously! You know what? That word really annoys me. Maybe I could start a rebellion, and history will forever recall this brief part in history as 'the warshing rejection movement'. Okay, that's a LITTLE off, but still. It really just- I don't know. DON'T SAY WARSH AROUND ME. K?
Like I said, it's just a dumb thing that really goes against the grain for me. Guess what? Picture day is tommorrow!!! ♪Oh picture day, oh picture day...♪ I really hope it won't be a repeat of last year. Ugh. This time, I HAVE, and I mean HAVE to look good. Maybe sometime I will scan in my seventh grade pic. Trust me, you will never want to see a twelve year old with wet long hair, pink skin, a unibrow and no makeup in your life. It. Is. EWEY. Like, major ewey. *barf* Anyway, I am excited. And nervous. Because what if I wake up with boils on my face? Or what if I wake up and I weigh 6574345543221 1/2 pounds? I really could go on and on about what could happen, but I won't. So I leave you, my darling readers, with a hearty goodnight!

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