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We all have the moments, right? When you don't realize the time, and you roll back into bed because, duh, its Saturday! An hour later, your mom hurries in and tells you your late for school. It's Wednesday, remember? Or when you decide to scare your sister in the library by jumping out and grabbing her, but accidentally jump out and grab a little seven year old, who almost pees her pants and cries. Okay, maybe you haven't done THAT, (maybe I have, I'm not saying anything though. ) But I think we get the point. Sometimes we're clumsy, or forgetful. Or both. (Maybe I've been both, once. Or every few days. Still not saying anything though.) Well, today was a forgetful day. If you go to Heritage, you understand the schedule. But here's a refresher for you people who don't go. Four classes a day, each one is 100 minutes long. After the first two periods you go to lunch.
Today I went by my own personal schedule.
After first period, I walked down to my locker, and got out my lunch. I sat at the table, and dug in. I looked around, wondering where everyone was. I'm usually the last person there. Oh well. They'll be so surprised to see me, all done with my lunch before they even sit down!
Wow, I'm ahead of everybody. I'm so fast! Then this boy comes up and asks me if that's my breakfast. Uh, no! It's my lunch, obviously. But then he says it's not lunch time. But, yeah it is! I mean after first period we go to... oh. So I quickly gathered my senses, and brushed that little incident off, laughing and saying "Oh. Yeah, this is my breakfast!"
Wow. Close call. At least I wasn't tardy to second period, because I probably would have had to explain WHY I was late. Whew! Then my good friend asked me where I was. So I said "My locker got stuck, and then I forgot all my books." And technically, this isn't a lie, because my locker did get stuck, and I did forget my books. So there.
Ta-Ta, darlings!



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