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Next birthday, I'd like to...

I figured I needed to work on the whole posting thing, so I sat at the keyboard and waited for inspiration to just hit me. A few flickers of imagination went off in my mind; but nothing caught my attention. Then I rememberd Plinky.
I would like to go to LJ's with all my friends. Just us.I would like to do this on my birthday because-duh, it's my birthday! Plus it's the cutest resturant ever, so that's another reason. Oh yeah, and it's got pizza! Who doesn't like pizza?? Wait, don't answer that. Please. I've always wanted to have b-day dinner at a resturant, and then have all the waiter's "surprize" me with cake, and off-key singing. I wonder if LJ's does that. And then all my friends give me presents right there, such as a million dollars, a pony, my own house, (You writing this down?) you know. Things like that. But if all you can give me is a small yacht, I guess that's acceptable as well. Or maybe just a 5 dollar thingy from Wal-Mart. It's the thought that counts.

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