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I'm in Utah!! *yay* We have been having tons of fun at the family reunion, at the house and at the Oquirrh Mountain Open House. That was aWeSoMe! The Celestial Room was deffinetely a fave. So was the Bride's Room! Ahhh! The reunion has been a blast too. I fell kinda bad though, because it took me a while to warm up to all the relatives around me. But it was cool, and a good time was had by all. We pogo sticked, or as Thing 1 put it; Pongo stick/ poogo stick.
Thing 1 is having a BLAST with his boy cousin.
And I took an absolutely ADORABLE pic of Thing 2, showing off his deliciously fat cheeks. (Coming sometime between now and next week)
Anywayz, I would post more, but my dad is kicking me off. Ta-ta, cheerio!


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