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Random typings of a lunatic.

Okay, I know you are all DYING to hear about what has happened in my exciting life since the fantastic mall episode.
But the truth is... not much.
Unless, of course, you count- wait for it:
Yes, my luscious, deliciously silky, conditioned hair is all gone. Well, except for one small tuft of hair on my forehead. Kidding! I was able to donate my hair (see above for full description of hairy loveliness)to the famed Locks of Love. It was awesomesauce!
I have been debating this issue for some time now, and me and my fabulous SalsaMama had talked about it some too. But what really set the deal was, my grandparents bathroom. Yes I will explain.
You see, *almost* every time anyone goes to their house, they will forget a toiletry of some sort. Be it a toothbrush, comb, etc. etc. Since there is no one around here to claim it, it will get put into the bathroom medicine cabinet. They have two cabinets full of those things! I have always LOVED looking in there, searching for some kind of a treasure of some sort.
So, on one special treasure hunt, I found a small tub of...

Yes, pomade. Apparently it worked best on short hair. So, I don't know why... but I wanted to be able to use it. Desperately. So I told my mom, and we decided to do it. So I looked up Locks of Love, and IT WAS AMAZING. It is such a cool organization! To check out the site, or to donate you own locks, you can click on my cute little linky thing on my sidebar. So one of the ladies from my ward cut my hair for free! She is awesome! So here I sit, with beautiful cut hair, typing my dull life's story onto the webpage that you are now reading- if anyone even BOTHERS reading this boring old thing.

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