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Happy Birthday, Savannah!

As you may have guessed from the title, it's Savannah's B-day! So to honor her on her special day, I will now post 9 things about her that are special to me. I know what you're thinking, "Oh yay, another BORING post on the dreary little life of the poor DQ#1... Oh yeah, why am I even reading this dumb blog?" But, to all of you who care enough to even CONSIDER reading this sorry site,thank you, and try your best to read this post and not run away screaming for something better to do.

1: Her artistic talent is astounding, she can already draw better than some seventh graders I know. Good for you, sis!
2: She is ADORABLE! Savannah, I'm not lying. You are the cutest nine-year-old out there!
3: Her imagination. The things she can do with her Barbies are beyond description. I was never, ever that creative with Barbies.
4: 'The Mad Face.' She is famous for that face, let me tell ya. If you tick her off, you'd better watch out!
5: She can relate to all her sisters, on pretty much anything. She understands!
6: She creates interesting recipes when she's playing, and then plans to use them.
7: She is very curious, in a good way.
8: She is soooo much fun to talk to, you'll never be bored with her!
And, finally, 9: She is so lovable! Everyone who meets her is almost instantly her friend.
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