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Gettin' a lickin'

During dinner, Thing 1 got some sauce on my arm, right above my elbow. I licked it off, and that small action triggered a whole CONVERSATION based on the art of licking elbows. So naturally, I got the brilliant idea to lick my finger and wipe it on my elbow, therefore, licking it. So Daddy had the inspiration to pay five bucks to whoever could lick their elbow. So I licked the crease of my arm, and said that that was my elbow. My inner elbow, that is. Because, if Daddy didn't set the boundaries, that was most definetely my elbow. So he set the boundaries, and we all set to licking once again. Just as Daddy got confident that none of us could do it, Lula runs over, and licks her elbow. You should have seen everyone's face!!!! So, true to his word, Daddy forked over the cash. That's what you get for getting cocky, sorry!



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