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Blogging cuz I'm bored.

Okay, I'm definitely not the best blogger, but I hope this post helps.

Summer vacation has been so BORING I can't even start. Every day, wake up, watch a little TV, and do nothing the rest of the day. :P Not. Fun. At. All.
However, it DOES mean I have time to babysit. Seriously, I jump at the chance to watch someone else's kids right now!
I'm looking forward to Girl's camp though, it's going to be fun. The theme is "Sweet is the work, live it, love it, share it!" So what that means is... CANDY. I HATE CANDY-THEMED THINGS. But, our cabin is movie candy, so we're taking that and going all the way to the Cornerstone Cinema! We made movie posters with our pictures on it, to hang above our bunks. We also got big paint buckets and made them into cute little seats, or, 'directors chairs'. It's going to be loads of fun. We also get to see the bendy tree, I'm excited for that.
It's a camp thing, you wouldn't understand.
I'm thoroughly enjoying my new brother. He's fun, for a crying baby. Just kidding, he's great. He doesn't cry-too much.
We got some goldfish! And we keep them in a punchbowl. Yay. I named mine Su Shi. Original, huh?
Well, that's about it, so,
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