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Girls Camp '09! And pancakes!!!!

Well, I am finally home from GIRL'S CAMP! Sweet is the work, live it, love it, share it! OmigoshitwassofunIcantbelieveitomigoshomigoshomigosh!We had TONS of sugar, I can't believe it! I loved it! I'll post more later, plus pics, but for now, I will tell you about my first pancake experience.
So, this morning me and Geneal decided to make pancakes for breakfast, which should be easy because we had a recipe and, DUH! It's pancakes! So we make the batter, kind of easy, except for finding the baking powder, but whatever, right? I made pancakes at camp, so I'm smart and educated now, right? Uh, no! We get a pan since using the griddle right now probably isn't the best idea, right? Uh, no. So we butter the pan a little bit and pour out the first cake. La la la la la, oh wait! It's bubbling! So we flip it, and-
would you look at that, IT'S BURNT! Plus, the pancake folds, so it's all mutilated. But, it's a start. So finally, after buttering and buttering the pan, we get a positively BEAUTIFUL pancake out of there! It was so perfect, we had to name it. It even resembled a circle! All in all, an interesting experience for all of us. The moral of this story is... have your mother with you when you make your first pancake, okay?
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