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Alright, no more Plinky. For now, anyway. I'm doing a real post.
I had no sleep last night! Why? Because I swam all day and so my skin was super-dried out and I T C H Y. I almost went insane! So I got out of bed and put on some sickeningly sweet lotion that feels really sticky and gross. But, lotion is lotion. Then I switched my bed around. By then it was 2:30 A.M. and I hate losing time in which I can sleep in. So I went out again and took a large drink to try to hydrate myself further, and also met Lula, who was up for a little late-night potty break. So we said hi and I went on with my silent insanity. 3:30 now. I have got to get relief! I go into the living room to find a book so I can read myself to sleep. I remembered that Dad mentioned a book I should read, and I find it, drag myself into the family room, and start reading. Mom comes in at the sight of the lamp and I explain my dilemma. We say goodnight and I go on reading. This book is fascinating!

I wake up about 20 minutes later at 5:05 A.M. and kick myself for not going to sleep sooner, and trudge to bed. I listen to a pigeon in the early morning and try to calm down. Staying up all night long has made me quite hyper, quite hyper indeed...
9:00 A.M. brings Dad, Savannah, Thing , and Lula into my rest sanctuary. Savannah tickles me just enough to get me thoroughly annoyed, and the work begins! Shopping all day!
So here I am currently, contentedly sipping a Metromint chocolatemint water.
This stuff is good, and you can tell there is no sugar to speak of in this beverage. The bottle looks pretty neat, too, don't you agree?

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