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Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's because I'm on Facebook constantly. Fear not, I have not forsaken you all, though. here's an update:
I auditioned for the school play "Fiddler On The Roof" and made it in! Showings are April 15-17(18?) and I'm Tevye's youngest daughter, Bielke. I have learned some of the songs, and have gotten my costume. It is super itchy, but I'll survive. :)
I've started riding a bike again! A year or two ago for Christmas, my dad got me an awesome purple bike! ...Except, according to my standards of wimpy riding,

It was too big.

So, after quite a while, I dusted it off, took it out of the backyard and...it worked!!! I ACTUALLY RODE IT!!! So, since then I have been riding free.
I finished Pretties and Specials. Good books. I haven't read Extras yet, but I will. I also finished all the rest of the Leven Thumps series, and the last book is a cliffhanger!!! Grrrr!
I watched Twilight with my family, and I actually remembered it as being better in the theater. And I'm not talking about the sound.
I grew a beautiful tomato plant in a teeny tiny pot, and I successfully transplanted it to a big pot. It is growing well, and I hope to harvest many happy tomatoes from the above mentioned plant.
AIMS is tomorrow! Blah!
I went to the Randolf Center today! Third time! Wondering what the heck that is? Well, I'll tell you. It's a center for the mentally and physically handicapped, and every Sunday, a few wards from different stakes go there and have Primary with them. So the first time I went, me and my friend got a lady named Nici. She was in a wheelchair, and had sunglasses on. She could mumble and answer yes or no questions, and it was a great experience. Their were several people who could walk, and some of the most memorable were:
Charlie. Big, tall man, likes young ladies hair, likes to pinch/punch people. Nice guy.
Pilar (I think that's how you spell her name). Short, likes to hold hands, hugs you after every song, pokes you in the rib and goes "Boo!" Adorable.
Debbie. Blue jacket, baby doll, goes up behind you, grabs you and asks your name. Loves to poke you really hard in the ribs during the "Skidamalink a dink a doo" song. (I'm saying that from experience.) Funny.
Earl. Very expressive, leads all the songs, loud (in a cute way), Likes to shake your hand and say "Earl. Like my new hat/watch/shirt?" Sweet, sweet funny guy.
Second time, I was all alone and I got Iris. She wanted to go and ride around in her wheelchair, but she wasn't supposed to. So she'd unlock one side of the wheelchair and start wheeling in a circle until I locked it back up. She would then proceed to slap my hand.
Third time, I went in a group with my other friend, Afreckles. We both got Walkers!!! She got this adorable man named John, whose pants were up past his waist. He picked up litter, and gave it to Afreckles for later disposal. I got... Earl!!! Ever since the first time I went, I have wanted to have Earl, and my wish came true! He walked very fast, and it was sort of hard to keep up with him, since I was in heels. He talked to me about his yellow shirt, and we had fun. In the building, he walked around and greeted everyone warmly. He than sang every song at the top of his lungs, leading the music and occasionally spitting in my face. I didn't care though. When it was John's turn to sing a solo, Earl's face lit up as he saw John making his way to the front and he called out to him at least twice. They are best buddies, seeing as how they live in the same cottage. After that, a lady came up to me and showed me her sunglasses. Our conversation went something like this:
"Look at these!"
"Oh, those are really nice sunglasses!"
"I know. By golly, I didn't even know I was gettin' them until she got 'em to me."
"That sounds exciting!"
"Yes it sure is!"
On the way back to Earl's cottage, he explained that "I ain't got no watch, 'cause I broke it. But Terry's gonna get me a new one! Yep, I gonna get new watch." I noticed he kept hiking up his pants, and then, a little while later, he heaved an exasperated sigh. I asked him what was wrong, and he said in a very depressed manner, "My pants keep fallin' down." and looked at me sadly, as if he had had a fish and it had died.
I went to the General Young Womens Meeting at the Stake Center, and had a great time. We had Chili's afterwards.
Today, Lula and Savannah were playing fairies, and Lula was supposed to talk with an English accent. So she came up and said: "Ello Andeion, ow awe oo?" Savannah said that it sounded weird, and Lula said, "I have an English accident."


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