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A little bit of an update:

  1. I'm finally in drama!
  2. My babysitting money reached $147 .06!
  3. So, I bought my Nintendo DS!!!
  4. So now I'm broke!
  5. I'm finally, finally out of Primary! I felt so baby-ish in there! Well, except for the teachers.
  6. I'm in Sunday school instead!!!!!! I love my teachers too!
  7. Okay, okay, yes, I am now and officially (for 7 years more, at least) A TEENAGER!!!!!!! MY PARENTS ARE QUAKING IN FEAR AT THESE VERY WORDS!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  8. I got a surprise party (of sorts) for my B-DAY!
  9. My friends are the best!
  10. I got my locker wrapped like a present for my b-day! My two friends snuck in with the responsible and watchful eye of my drama teacher (who is one of my friends' aunt,) that night and wrapped it/filled it w/chocolate! *yay*
  11. I don't really know what else to update.
  12. Oh, yes, I got a Facebook!
  13. And, I got to see Baby Bean on the ultrasound, and... we think we saw little boy parts! I hope so, I really hope so!!!

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