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Hey, how was your holidays? Mine was fantastic, thank you so much for asking. Anyways, here's the lowdown on my life this holiday season:
  1. I'm in Mexico! Hola!
  2. I got to meet my adorable two-month-old cousin Lil' Liza.
  3. It's COLD!
  4. It's 10:17 pm right now! (I know, I know, get-to-bed-young-lady-a-girl-this-young-shouldn't-be-blogging-at-this-unholy-hour; blah blah BLAH.)
  5. I'm writing a story!
  6. Next semester, I'm in DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Like I need more drama in my life! (So says my dad.)
  8. Even though I am on a break (or a strike, as the kids at school put it), I still think I have homework, I have been having dreams about school, (That's three so far) and when I'm home, I keep trying to put on my uniform. (Just proof that I go to school too much. :P)
  9. Oh yeah, Christmas was very fun! Exept now it's over. *Pout* I got some cute/fun/awesome presents! And more to come on account of we aren't even home yet!

So...how was YOUR holidays? Seriously, I wanna know!!! TELL ME!


p.s. Maybe I was a little desperate on the whole 'tell me' thing, you actually don't have to.

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