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Locker trouble!!!


About a week after school started, I got my locker. It was #329; I was so happy, I finally had a locker....on the top row. If any of you know me personally, you will know I am a bit vertically challenged, so I was less than thrilled after that. Still, it was better than lugging a huge backpack from class to class. All I needed was a chair to reach the locker from the nearest class room and I was okay right? Uh, not that simple. My locker was hard to open, and I only had 10 minutes to get to class each day. So one day I was complaining about my 'dumb locker' before class and Ryan offered to trade me. So we traded, and I got the most perfect bottom row locker in the WORLD! 278, what a wonderful number. :)
So one day I go to my beautiful locker and realize...I forgot my combination. Ugh. Well, I go to the front desk and tell them I forgot my combination. What I also forgot was I had traded; so they gave me my old combination instead. Oops; no problem, just tell them I simply traded with Ryan and get my combination then! No, I wasn't supposed to trade with Ryan in the first place, but since Mrs. Edmunds is sooo nice, she let me off the hook and didn't tell the other front desk lady, who also is in charge of lockers and would GRILL ME IF I TOLD HER I TRADED LOCKERS WITHOUT TELLING HER FIRST! So after that was all taken care of, I was able to access my locker again. Hacuna Matata, right?
A couple of months later, after first period I walked over to 278 and had to wait because two people were already there. My locker neighbor and a girl above me. She accidently dropped her (heavy) book and it almost landed on my locker neighbor; we laughed and then I went to open my locker. And guess what? It's jammed. AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed stuff from there! Oh NOOOOOOOOO! I couldn't even move the freaking knob! But I had to go the next class. So after class was lunch, where I would most likely be able to get it open then. So off I went to the Front Desk where my solution (and possibly my impending doom, meaning punishment because of the whole switching thing) lay before me. Fortunately sweet, sweet, forgiving Mrs. Edmunds is there instead of the Other Lady where me and Ryan would undoubtedly get into major doo-doo. So what she suggests is that I get Ryan to ask Mrs. Other Lady to open my locker which is really his locker still, according to her. So I find him and ask him if he can help me in my horrific dillema, and he agrees to help me. Oh, and you have to know that my LUNCH is in my locker so by now I am STARVING TO DEATH. Poor me. *sniff* So Ryan goes to the front desk and asks if Other Lady can help him with his locker which is really mine, yadda yadda yadda. So I and my friend 'casually' sit close-ish to where my locker is, watching safely from there. So him and Other Lady show up and she works with it. And works with it. And works with it. Ugh, can she not tell that there is a positively starving girl close by? Can she NOT hear my stomach?! Sheesh. Finally, she gets it open, and hands him 'his' PINK BACKPACK, AND PINK LUNCHBOX. Whoops. I must have forgot about that certain detail. She gave him the weirdest look, like 'Um, does this kid have a problem or what?' But since he is so calm about the whole thing, he just said, "Oh, look, there's my awesome pink backpack!" got my lunch out and walked away. Yes, of course he was blushing, but, hey, it worked! I owe him Big Time. Then after school, thinking that my locker is just fixed like magic, I go over to it to open it to get my homework, and all that stuff. But, hey would you look at that-it's still jammed! Ha-ha, so funny. Dang it!!!!!!!! So I go over to Ryan and he can see by my sad puppy dog face that I need him to get assisticance. And yes, I just said assisticance. So he gets the janitor to help him. Me and my friend sit 'casually' close again. So the janitor asks him what the combo is, and we switched at the beginning of the year, so how the heck is he supposed to remember the combo? He finally remembers it and tells the janitor the combo. Poor Ryan, now Other Lady and the janitor think he's weird. But, he got my locker fixed! So, in closing, may I just say:
PROPS TO RYAN!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! ☺☻☺


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