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Being thankful...and eating pie.


Considering it's Thanksgiving, I have decided to post on all the things I'm thankful for, and in alphabetical order, as an added plus! (you know you love alphabetized articles!!!) Enjoy!
  1. America- I'm an American girl!
  2. Babysitting- fun, and I get paid! *He-he*
  3. Choir-I looooove Woman's Choir!
  4. Dum-dum's -yummy little things.
  5. E-mail -you've got mail!
  6. Friends/Family -couldn't LIVE without them!
  7. Glasses -I can see!
  8. Heritage Academy -bestest school ever!
  9. Ice cream -delicious (but not nutritious)
  10. Jokes -did you hear that one about the chicken...
  11. Kaleidoscopes -They look so cool!
  12. Laughter -ho ho ho!
  13. Music -♪ La la la♫
  14. Nickles -cute and worth something! ☺
  15. Oreos -have a licking contest!
  16. Pickles -loved 'em since I was a baby!
  17. Quirks -have fun, be weird!
  18. Reading -like TV in your head, but better!
  19. Swimming -cool and refreshing!
  20. T-shirts -so comfy! And cute, don't forget.
  21. Uniforms -takes the stress out of the 'what to wear' department.
  22. Very cherry lipgloss - smells grrreat!
  23. Water -so many useful uses!!!
  24. X-rays -that tell you you have NO CAVITIES!!!! *yay*
  25. Yellow -cute, happy colors...
  26. Zzzzz's -sweet dreams!
So there you have it, from America to Zzzzz's, you have what I'm thankful for! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE eating pie, pumpkin especially. YUM!!!!!!!!

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