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Fashion show!


Saturday, us girls hit the fashion industry by storm! Driving past the clothing hotspot; the ever-popular Goodwill, we realized this was a shopping opportunity we simply could not miss out on. So we strode on in, to find the latest trends in clothes. Here we saw fabulous fashions such as: A lovely polka-dotted hat and flowered tutu ensemble, modeled by Geneal;
A colorful leotard, modeled by Lula, two absolutely charming golden Disco bodysuits, modeled by me, (DQ#1,) and DQ's friend, Kaitlyn.
Some classier outfits included: A hot-pink suit with a perfect polka-dotted hat, with a blossoming blue wig, modeled by DQ#1, and last, but definitely not least, a soft lavender evening gown, paired with a chic mink coat, modeled by Kaitlyn. So, for a fabulous and fashionable outfit, come to Goodwill!


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