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With school just over a week away, I thought I'd start a countdown to it. This will include, memories, pictures, (if possible) And thoughts. So here is my first countdown post, and a picture of graduation. It was a great experience, graduation. I got to get all dressed up, and I wrote a speech the night before. I was very confident about graduation, I picked out the perfect outfit and everything, and then... I went to school. All of the graduates looked very nice, and they all very calm about this whole thing. Me on the other hand, lets just say that I wasn't the most calm person there. I was shaking, in fact. And when the teachers told us to line up, I about fainted. We put on our gowns, got our caps out, and put on our tassels. We had to march around to the back of the school so no one would see us. We were graduating with the Kindergarten class, so they went first. The way my old school is built, made us have to wait outside for our turn to graduate. It was the end of May, so it was kind of hot. Finally, it was my turn, and I walked through to applause. After we all sat down, the teacher gave a little speech, and it was our to turn to speak. I was last, so after every speech, I got more and more nervous. Finally, it was me. And I don't know what I was so worried about, because it was great! After that, we all got our diplomas, a present, some roses, and then the crowd swarmed over us. It was lucky I even got this picture! So that's my story for today, and now for the countdown!
There are: 8 more days of summer vacation left, school starts August 11th.
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