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Here is my second countdown post. Today, my dad and I took a motorcycle ride down to my new junior high, Heritage. we took some pictures, for my blog. (Pictures to be posted later.) I can't believe I'm going there as an actual student in a couple of days. My mom went to Franklin were the girls will be going now, and my youngest sister, who is still in kindergarten, went to Montessori for her first day of school. I've been thinking a lot about Heritage lately, the uniforms, the four-day week schedule, running from class to class, and just being in junior high! It's a little creepy, actually. I went to summer school, as you all know, so I already know where math class will be. I know my General Math teacher, I know the janitor, the principal and vice principal, and the drama and chorus teachers. But that's it. I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about school right now, and I'll be in homeroom much to soon. but, for now, I'll just continue the countdown:

There are 7 more days of summer vacation left, school starts August 11th.

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