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Heritage #2

Okay, 4th day of CountDown, here's what I have to say for the day:
Today, I went to Heritage academy for the orientation!!! And there was quite a line. I didn't know this many kids came there, it's a pretty small school! When we finally got in, I got a few papers, and we talked about my schedule. Then we moved to the next table. They stamped my papers, and we talked about my schedule some more. And so on and so on. Then we went to another table, and we got some supplies, ordered a yearbook, and moved on. Then we chose my electives, (art) and got my shirts! 1 blue, 1 white, and two reds. We were done, so we took a tour, and I got to see where all my classes are going to be. So, that was my day so far for you. On with the CountDown.

There are: 5 more days of summer vacation. School starts August 11th.

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