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Alien Invasion at Montessori House

Third day of the CountDown. As you know, school starts August 11th. Well, my old school starts August 5th. So, my old teacher is letting us come until our new school starts. I was babysitting for Thing 1, so I coundn't come on the first day. I came the second day, though. They welcomed me back like I still came there. That was really nice, and they gave me a journal to write in, also. There are some new kids, of course, and some kids are missing. They have a new teacher there too, so that's a little wierd. I got to hang out with my best friend, Annie, that was really fun. I'm going to miss her so much, she's coming to Heritage next year, so I'll be all alone for a year. :'( It was wierd, coming to Montessori for a day. It hasn't changed much, but it's different being a visitor instead of a student. Like an alien.
Okay, on with the countdown.

There are: 6 more days of summer vacation. School starts August 11th.

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