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Okay, so now that it's summer, I'm officially a seventh, 7th, SEVENTH grader! *yay!* I wanted to go to a school called Heritage Academy, so I took a test. I did good on that one, except in math. So I took it again. I did a little better, but I had to go to summer school for 4 weeks. A week at Heritage is four days, so four weeks was about 16 days. I did good, learned a lot, made some friends, the math teacher is nice, and it was fun! In summer school, every week we would have a certain area in math to cover. We would have homework, assignments, at at the end of the week we had a little test. In every test, I would get a B, but on the last test, I got an A! that felt really good, getting an A, even if it was my only A I'd gotten in that entire test. Also, our teacher for summer school had her birthday at the end of summer school. So, on the last day, we threw her a little 'Surprise Party.' What we did, was we turned all the lights out, except some spotlights, it looked very cool! A guy brought a CD and put into the stereo system in the room, and we all signed our names all over the board. Plus, I brought cookies. It was very fun. Well, summer school has ended, and now we wait for The Call, to see if I got in. So we wait, and wait, and wait some more. I'm even starting to have weird dreams about getting in, not getting in, the school itself, test, everything. So finally, my mom calls one of the ladies who works there, whom we also know, and she gave us the number to call. And then the school called us instead! And, well I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!! *YAY!* So, I'm finally getting in! I'm so happy! Hello Heritage Academy, get ready for me!

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