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My brave little brother


Isn't he so cute? That's Thing 1 We'll call him. I would put all the pictures I've taken of him on here, but I've taken more than a hundred pic's of him, (no, really, Ive taken more than a hundred pictures of him, not including videos and deleted pic's) These are just some of the cutest ones I had. Anyway, he is scared to death of dogs, cats, basically anything with four or more legs. He'll talk about them, and he loves looking at pictures or movies about them, but as soon as they start moving toward him, he acts like they want to eat him up, which, of course they don't. So, I'm dog-sitting a neighbors dog, and sometimes Thing 1 sees me going and wants to follow; so I let him. And of course when he sees the dog, he pretty climbs up me like a ladder. Today I went to go see him and pick up the mail, and guess who saw me? Him. So, he comes with me to their house, carrying the keys pointing out puddles and stuff, and then we go into the houses' drive way. He knows that the dog lives there, so he's not exactly climbing up me yet, but he wants me to hold him, and he's getting nervous. so I unlock the door, walk in, and as usual, the dog runs over to me, cause he's happy to see me. And Thing 1 screams. No surprise, but he is really loud. so I brought in the mail and sat down with him and tried to calm him down. Now the dog wants attention. So I give him a treat, and Thing 1 sees this. Now he wants to try. So, he takes a treat, and gives it to the dog! If you know my little brother, you'll know this is no easy feat. and to top it all off, he stood on the floor for more than a minute with the dog! I'm amazed. sounds lame, but he's definitely getting braver.

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