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Crazy hair day


kay, Another tradition in my (sniff) old school, a little before school is out, we have little "holidays" I guess you could say. and one of those holidays is called, Crazy Hair Day! It's where we all do the silliest stuff imaginable to our hair! Most of the time the girls will put their hair in all the ponytails they can fit, and the boys will either dye their hair blue, or red, or any color really, or they'll get a nice mohawk. The pictures didn't work out like I hoped, so you'll just have to understand that. :) Anyway, Since I got bangs, (6th) I decided to spike them (3rd) It worked out okay, except it hurt a little, and it was very hard to get out. My sister, (Sweet G as she's called) did a lovely arrangement with lots and lots of bows. (4th) my other sister, (we'll call her Barbie Girl) put on a lot of head bands. (5th) The hair isn't the only thing that gets pretty crazy around here though, as you can clearly see! lets call those two boys up there C1, (1st) and C2 (2nd). They just wanted their picture taken I guess. i don't mind since I have a camera though, so I was happy to oblige.
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