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Bead Day


For the graduates and other students who are leaving in our school, we do something called "Bead Day". It's when all of the students each make a bead for the person who is leaving, and presents it to them later that week. this year I happened to be one of those graduates this year. so, on top of the fact that I got to make some beads for my friends, I got some in return. My sisters, Geneal, and Savannah are gonna go to a school called Franklin East this year. So, they got beads too. I only got pics of Geneal, but oh, well. That's okay. It was a fun experience, I got a few hugs included with my beads, and, I was the first one to get my beads. At the end of all my bead receiving, my teacher, lets call her CT (coolest teacher) told me to stand up in the middle of a little table, in the middle of the room, and I got a HUGE group hug! that was a surprise, because we've never done that at the bead ceremony. It was special, and I actually wish I cried, I don't know why, I just wish I did. and it was hard, cause that ceremony meant that I was graduating, and leaving one of my best friends, Annie. I'm going to miss her so much, but my school has only a four day week, so I'll visit her, and the school every chance I get.

-DQ #1
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