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The talent show


Today was my school talent show, yay! Me and my friend were Emcee's, and I did a parody that I wrote all by myself, "Eat food again" here it is:


a parody by DQ #1

I’ve got my sight set on food,

And I’m ready to taste,

I’ve got a mouth that will never eat waste,

I’m not a polite eater,

But I’ll eat anything, now I can’t wait to eat food again.

I walked into the diner,

With a fork in each hand,

I feel like I’ve been in this diner, in another


I’m not a picky eater,

‘cept for Brussels sprouts,

But I can’t wait to eat food again.


The last time I ate out,

My mouth was full of doubt,

I didn’t wanna, but I tasted mamas

Rainbow trout.

Felt like I couldn’t breathe, ma asked what’s wrong with me,

My little sister said “Oh she’s just feeling queasy”

The next time we eat out, I’ll order for myself

My mouth can rest ‘til then.

I can’t wait to eat food again.

I get this crazy rumblin’, deep inside.

When I think of what’s for dinner tomorrow night.

Dad’s roast and mashed potatoes, with corn on the side.

Oh, I can’t wait to eat food again.

There you go, not exactly the most amazing song in the world, but it's pretty cute when you listen to it. It's to the tune "See you again" By Miley Cyrus.

They had some talents such as:

Scooter Tricks
Rip Sticks
Dance "Hey Juliet"
Sing "Johny 1 note
Guitar "Twinkle", And
"Happy birthday to
Dance "That thing you
Piano, "Musette" By
Piano "Ice Cream Cone"
Piano "Pink Panther"
Singing "I like to look 4 Rainbows"
Skit " Mixed up Fairy Tale" by Sweet G
Piano "Book of Mormon stories"
Piano "Honey Bee," and "Lightly Row"
Piano "Imperial March"
Singing "If I had a fine white horse"
Clowning around
Parody, "I can't wait to eat food again"
Dance "Fabulous"
Dancing "I'm walking on sunshine"

DQ #1
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