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My CAMERA!!!!!!

I finally have that camera I ordered. it took about forever and a day to get, but I have it! I am so happy! I can't really do anything with it, since it didn't come with a memory card. But hey! I have it!
I was chatting with my dad, and he said he'd bought me a memory card, 4 gb!
He came home and I popped it in the camera And..... it did not work!!!!
:'( My poor dad, he went to all this trouble, making sure it would fit my
camera, telling me about it, he comes home, and, (drumroll please)
IT DOES NOT FIT!!!! and, as an added bonus, NO REFUNDS!!!
I feel so bad right now, like I said he went through all this trouble,
And it doesnt fit! I am so mad at that store, they said it would fit!
and that card was 4 GB! *sigh* Oh well, I'll get it working eventually.
the really good news is, my dad is awesome!

(thanks for reading)

DQ#1 :) ;)

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